facebook news feed more like, frantically scrolling for a safe area where there’s not a stupid video that auTOMATICALLY LOADS :@

yeah ew the world needs to boycott facebook



"Your dad has terrible taste in women. That’s why I love him so much. Remember the one who pretended to be a paraplegic?"

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"I only need to change one tiny thing about my appearance and even my closest friends don’t recognise me. A slight change of hair colour or make-up is usually enough. It makes for an easier life. I guess I’ve got one of those faces that’s easily adaptable". - ZD (x)





Damn it

Oh God

Is this for real? Don’t tell me, I’m scared it’s not.

If it is my heart will shatter into pieces

No no I want this to be real, bring on the jealousy (and yearning and tension)


New Girl | 4.04 “Micro” - Promotional Photos

 Jess meets Matt in the “Micro” episode of NEW GIRL airing Tuesday, Oct. 7 

"hey jess, is this doing weird stuff to your eyes?" "definitely."


Happy Birthday, Brigitte Bardot! (28 September, 1934)

New Girl on Spylight

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Zake. Thats their new band.

yaaaaaaaaaaaaas, no1 fangirl of their fictional band.

from Ausiello:


Question: New Girl is off to a strong start this season – almost makes me forgive them for Season 3. Can you tease anything fun coming up? —Steve
Ausiello: There’s an episode on the horizon that has fun written all over it: Jess & Co. realize they have a bag of meth in the apartment and they…